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ICE STORM of 2008(photo by: Allegra Boverman)

not pictured: Katelyn, 6: Jason, 5

Yes, that is a picture of us posted on the front page of the
EAGLE TRIBUNE newspaper on Thursday, December 18th A devastating
ice storm knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of homes in S. NH, and we
were one of them. We were out of power for 8 days. It was an eye opening experience, to say the least. Without water, you cannot even flush the toilet - enough said. Our dirty
dishes are still in a bucket out on the back deck covered in ice and about a foot of snow.
We'll get them back in the spring.
We were lucky enough to get a generator a few days into the blackout,
so at least we were able to plug in a light and run the heat in a few rooms. Some residents
did not have power for three weeks - can you imagine?

While the reporter and the photographer were interviewing me at my home,
my husband Roger was being interviewed at the library by a reporter
from the Manchester Union Leader. They ran a story the same day about how residents
were utilizing the library for work and internet connection, and my husband
was one of those people that worked out of the library for the week.

The article above says:

"For the Smith Family in Windham, a tent, a gas
fireplace and the company of five children - home from school for almost
a week - took the sting out of the ice storm. "My husband thinks this is great,"
Lisa Smith said after her husband Roger, pitched a tent inside the family living
room. "We were trying to make it fun for the kids," she said. But when all
seven Smiths crawled inside, they decided the tent was cozy and ended up
sleeping there. Smith said she is worried about the laundry and dishes
piling up; the family has been without running water since the power went
off Thursday. And it's frustrating to see lights blazing all over Windham, while
her house is in darkness. But Smith considers herself lucky to have a generator.
"It hasn't been too bad," she said. "And this makes you appreciate what you have
so much more."
- John Basilesco, Eagle Tribune

number of days without power: 8
number of people living in the house with no water, heat, or electricity: 7
number of people that were sick with the bad stomach virus going around: 4
number of days till Christmas: 7
number of people that offered to help us during our time of need - limitless.

Staying warm with the little propane lantern . . .


Cold, but pretty.....Thank you to those who worked to get our power back!

- shot through my car winshield. We were waiting here for about a half hour just to get by. But that was okay, because they were working to get all the branches out of the road etc.


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